Panettone with balsamic vinegar glaze SOLD OUT


Limited stock available and selling fast….

Buon appetito!

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Panettone is back in stock! Once again a limited number will be available for New Zealand.

We have been able to secure a limited number of these special and extremely hard to get, Italian panettone, the traditional Italian Christmas cake.

These 300g soft panettone is naturally leavened and filled with sweet Balsamic Glaze which preserves the aroma and the taste of a fresh-baked Panettone, intense and well balanced.

Produced in Modena, where you will undoubtedly find the best balsamic vinegar in the world, these delicious panettone, are absolutely outstanding; in our opinion, the most exquisite panettone we have ever tasted.

The only problem is the limited number we have available!

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