Steel Vapor Pro coffee pod machine


Power supply: 220/230V
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Absorption: 1550W
Pressure: 20 bar
Weight: approx. 8 Kg
Dimensions LxHxW: approx. 250x315x355 mm
Tank capacity: 3.0 litres
Drip tray capacity: approx. 900 cm3
Main material: stainless steel

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The new Pro model pod-based espresso coffee machine for home, offices and small organisations.

The ideal solution for who wants to use compostable paper pods at home or the workplace, thus helping the environment. Its dimensions allow the presence of a large 3 litre tank, indispensable for a high level of autonomy. At the heart of Steel is the same well tested group present on ZiP professional, and, as its smaller sister, it is built entirely in polished stainless steel. Steel has been conceived so as not to waste the time of the people maintaining it: accessing the technical parts of the machine is indeed very fast.