Ducale E61


Dimensions: 490 long x 570 deep x 450 high
4.5 Lt copper boiler!


We are the New Zealand official distributors for FIORENZATO and carry all authentic spare parts supplied by the Italian manufacturers.

* Strong stainless steel frame to assure a long life
* Cup self-warming plate and stainless steel lower water-collecting tray
* Designed for easy access to most parts minimising maintenance costs
* Thermically balanced dispensing group for proper espresso extraction
* Heat exchanger and hot water-heating plant by thermo siphon circulation
* Electronic board programmable with 4 doses, single programming also possible
* Electronic hot water dosing
* Automatic water recharge system to keep the correct boiler level
* Multidirectional steam and water nozzle
* Ergonomic hand-grip for steam valve
* Grips on steam and water nozzle to prevent yourself from burning
* Internal safety thermostat
* Internal boiler pressure regulator
* Rotary pump, including engine shock-absorber
* Double purpose manometer to check pump pressure and boiler steam pressure
* Safety valve connected with drain to prevent water losses
* Tap to clean boiler water.

Also available with classic E61 lever group.
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Ducale E61

E61 lever, E61 volumetric