Cafflano® KLASSIC


What makes your product special?

The Cafflano KLASSIC’s unique all-in-one vertical stacking structure (pre set-up) means that you only need to carry a single tumbler-shaped unit and enjoy freshly brewed pour-over coffee in the most economical way anywhere, anytime. Its world’s first foldaway grinder handle is one of the key designs that makes this possible. All other existing brewing tools are inconvenient to set up as they are not a single unit and difficult to store while unused. The most difficult brewing tool to carry around is a goose neck pouring kettle due to its bulky size and a long neck. Cafflano Klassic’s built-in Drip Kettle has a specially designed spout-hole which works in the same way, but is even easier to control the pouring of hot water. Finally, the eco-friendly reusable etched stainless micro-filter and tumbler can help save our earth.



The award-winning Cafflano Klassic is the world’s first all-in-one pour-over coffee maker. Weighing just 470g, this stunning portable coffee maker is perfect for coffee lovers who long for a sip of the best coffee anywhere, anytime. It comes complete with a fully adjustable ceramic burr grinder, pouring kettle, etched stainless filter dripper, server, insulated tumbler and lid. Simply grind your freshly roasted coffee beans, pour over hot water and start brewing. Whether it be at home, work, or even camping, bring your favourite café to your doorstep with the Cafflano Klassic and treat yourself to the delightful sip you deserve.

• All functions built-in, complete coffee brewing system
• Fully adjustable ceramic burr grinder with a patented foldaway handle
• Bean level markers for 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 grams, eliminating the need
for scales
• Pre-measured pouring kettle (max capacity 270ml) and a patented spout,
giving precise control over wetting and controlling extraction
• Etched stainless micro-filter dripper – no need for filter papers and
easily washable
• Double wall-insulated tumbler (max capacity 450ml) – perfect for storing
beans while on-the-go
• Strong, durable and eco-friendly, the perfect coffee brewing system for
all travel as well as home & office


• Dimension : 89.4 mm x 193.5 mm (Width x Height)
• Weight : 470 gram
• Capacity
o Grinder : 30 grams max (10/15/20/25 grams bean marker)
o Drip Kettle : 270ml (up to a spout)
o Tumbler : 450ml max. 250ml (bottom of tumbler to just below filter)
• Materials
o Stainless Steel (SUS304) : Grinder handle/shaft, Etched Filter, Tumbler
o Ceramic : Grinder conical burr
o Silicone : Tumbler (bottom)
o Polypropylene (PP, BPA Free) : Main body and the rest of material

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